The Benefits of Having a Mailing List

benefits of mailing lists

Why mailing lists matter.

We recently asked (and answered) the question, what is a mailing list?

Put simply, it’s a list of mail contacts.

Traditionally, the list was comprised of physical mailing addresses, but these days, most mailing lists are filled with email addresses.

Mailing lists allow businesses to reach out to people who have opted in to receive communications from them.

Let’s find out why mailing lists are so important to small businesses. Read more

What is a Mailing List, and Does My Business Need One?

what is a mailing list

What is a mailing list?

Mailing lists were around long before email and the Internet. Businesses have been using snail mail to entice customers for decades.

The concept is simple: collect people’s addresses and then mail them notices of promotions and special offers.

You may have received some coupons from your favorite pizza joint. They got your address the last time you ordered pizza for delivery. They want to keep you as a customer, so now they’re using the valuable information they’ve obtained — your address — to make sure you don’t forget about them.

Email technology caused mailing lists to explode. Gone were the high costs of paper, printing, envelopes, and stamps. No more licking and sticking and shipping. Now we compose a message and shoot it out to every email address on our list, and then we sit back and wait for customers to show up. Read more