The Benefits of Having a Mailing List

benefits of mailing lists

Why mailing lists matter.

We recently asked (and answered) the question, what is a mailing list?

Put simply, it’s a list of mail contacts.

Traditionally, the list was comprised of physical mailing addresses, but these days, most mailing lists are filled with email addresses.

Mailing lists allow businesses to reach out to people who have opted in to receive communications from them.

Let’s find out why mailing lists are so important to small businesses. Read more

The Purpose of Online Marketing Strategies

online marketing

What’s the purpose of your online marketing strategies?

What’s the difference between traditional and online marketing strategies?

Simple. Online marketing strategies are executed entirely on the web.

Of course, that’s assuming it’s happening at all.

Plenty of business owners and website managers are wandering around, handing out blank business cards. They are failing miserably at marketing their products and services online, even if they’ve established some kind of online presence. Read more

Does Your Small Business Need a Google Plus Page?

Google Plus for small business

Google Plus for small businesses.

Every time a new social media network hits the scene, small businesses sign up and do their best to leverage it as a new and innovative marketing platform. Google Plus has been around for a few years now, and it’s no exception. Businesses small and large have established presences there, and some have found it to be a useful way to connect with audiences.

Many marketing gurus will insist that every small business must join every social media network available. It’s essential, they’ll say, and that’s almost never true. Whether or not Google Plus (or any other social media network) is an appropriate marketing tool for your business depends on the nature of your business and the demographics of your customers.

Google Plus is particularly interesting. The number one reason cited for every business using Google Plus is that it has the potential to improve your site’s performance on Google’s powerhouse search engine. I don’t think we can know for sure whether a Google Plus presence boosts a business’s search page ranking, since Google’s algorithms are highly secretive, but I do think it’s likely. However, that doesn’t mean your small business absolutely must establish a presence there. If you cater to a small clientele and don’t require a lot of traffic to your website, or if you don’t want or need search engine traffic, then you probably don’t need a Google Plus presence.

But let’s dig deeper. What is Google Plus and how does it work? Read more

An Introduction to SEO Copywriting

seo copywriting

SEO copywriting is harder than it looks.

When I first started working as a website copywriter, I knew relatively little about search engine optimization (SEO). I understood that keywords could open the door to search engine traffic, but I didn’t realize just how much effort was involved in successfully finding and implementing those keywords using SEO.

In hindsight, I entered the SEO copywriting niche almost by accident. Back then, I provided general copywriting services for online and for print. As I settled into my newfound profession and increasingly focused on web content writing, I noticed that I was receiving more and more requests for “keyword articles.”

The premise was simple: Write an article (or ten) and use a particular keyword or keyword phrase a predetermined number of times. Some clients wanted the keyword to appear five times in an article. Others specified that the keyword must appear in bold, headings, italics, or near the beginning of a paragraph. Often, the keyword also had to be included in the title. Read more

Quick-and-Easy Online Marketing Opportunities

online marketing

Use these online marketing opportunities.

Are you missing simple opportunities to promote your business online?

When you’re working for yourself or running your own business, the lines between your personal and professional life start to blur. You are no longer on the clock or off the clock because you own the clock. And you want it to tick.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably don’t have time to sit around thinking about online marketing.

You’ve got a business to run and resources may be tight, but you know your customers are on the web and you want to be able to reach them. Where do you begin? Read more

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