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  • "I really love my site and the fact that I (a technophobe) can do my own updates without bothering someone else is just a huge relief."

    -Alex Marks, Photographer

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what is a mailing list

What is a Mailing List, and Does My Business Need One?

What is a mailing list? Mailing lists were around long before email and the Internet. Businesses have been using snail mail to entice customers for decades. The concept is simple: collect people’s... [Read more]

website management

Service Spotlight: Website Management

Website management in the spotlight. Regular, ongoing website maintenance is essential to the health and success of any business website. Web software needs to be updated to ensure functionality and to... [Read more]

online marketing

The Purpose of Online Marketing Strategies

What’s the purpose of your online marketing strategies? What’s the difference between traditional and online marketing strategies? Simple. Online marketing strategies are executed entirely... [Read more]